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Rhenosterpoort Nature Reserve
Gauteng, South Africa

Connecting the unconnected, where other operators fear to tread, where fibre does not reach or perform, Rhenosterpoort is nestled mostly in the valley of the Wilge river where coverage is very scarce from the other operators. 

Rhenosterpoort is located amongst a cluster of nature and game reserves in the provinces of Gauteng and Mpumalanga traversed by the Wilge river with its fine compliment of game, flora and fauna. The connectivity initiative demonstrated how the Internet could be brought to the people, visitors and to the systems required for daily functioning, security and operations at the reserve. From a connectivity perspective, the nature reserve is extremely remote and rural in its setting. Fi-Wi NET partnered with Rhenosterpoort nature reserve to demonstrate how much needed connectivity could be brought to the area. Fi-Wi NET in conjunction with the Rhenosterpoort owners committee also lobbied with surrounding reserves, farms and lodges to join the initiative in the interest of bringing ‘critical mass’ to the area for connectivity and security.  Various other initiatives formed dependence on the connectivity programme, especially with regards to security, which drove the requirements initially. Connectivity has become a necessity for almost everyone, whether onsite at Rhenosterpoort and surrounding areas, or elsewhere.

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