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Botswana (Africa) – Remote village near Lobatse, Kgomokasitwa

Fi-Wi NET brought super-fast wireless internet connectivity to the home of a residential user, where fibre does not reach, ADSL does not exist, and other wireless operators fear to tread…

Fi-Wi NET brought 3G, 4G LTE fixed wireless internet access to end-users in rural remote areas in Botswana. The village of Kgomokasitwa lay hidden behind a hill served only by a 2G tower. Our client, Mpaphi, had sporadic coverage from various networks but performance was so bad that the internet was unusable. In desperation, Mpaphi contacted Fi-Wi NET after seeing us on social media.

We listened to Mpaphi. We understood his pain and frustration. Careful to avoid making promises, we told Mpaphi that we would do our best. Finding good signals and bringing them down from the sky is always a challenge in rural and remote areas. So, we packed our equipment, poles and of course our antennas and headed for Kgomokasitwa...

Together with the Fi-Wi NET sales team and our Fi-Wi NET certified installer we headed for Mpaphi's house in Kgomokasitwa. In less than 20 minutes we were able pull in sufficient 3G signal using Poynting's XPOL2 antenna. In the village, noyone has sufficient and reliable coverage. We  listened to many stories of hardship and frustration and how people had to travel great distances to get any internet access. Similar to the past where people had to walk great distances just to have access to water.

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