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Fixed Wireless Networks

Wireless internet connectivity


Where other traditional telecom operators fear to tread, where fibre does not reach or perform, our affordable solutions connect you...

We are passionate about wireless, we bring wireless connectivity to places unimagined!

We are the all in one partner for business, residential, farming communities, lodges and nature reserves requiring effective internet connectivity in difficult marginal circumstances..
Rural, remote urban and metro areas.

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What we do

What We Do

Wireless, fast, stable

We apply experience and knowledge gathered over years of in-depth involvement of all areas of the wireless industry, into our own methodology that we use to deliver solutions for business, residential and corporate users who struggle with connectivity at their rural remote, urban as well as metro locations in the big cities as well as the most remote towns of sub-Saharan Africa. We follow a solutions and services  consulting methodology where product is only part of the solution, acting on behalf of the client for bigger projects.

Quite simply, we bring you wireless connectivity where, and when, all else fails....


"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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Our Business

"Wireless, where others fear to tread"
Derived from Alexander Pope

Fi-Wi NET 


We have relationships with all the major wireless and broadband network operators. We buy bulk bandwidth from the operators and resell into markets where these operators fear to trade, using our own wireless infrastructure that we deploy as our own investment.

Our consulting engineering mindset means we act on behalf of the customer and for the customer when deploying on large projects. we cover the full scope of concept, design, implementation and post implementation support, operations and maintenance.

For the normal residential consumer, we bring all our skills and knowledge into simple offerings that helps solve your connectivity problems. We tend to end up looking after people who struggle with connectivity, have a bad user experience, or just simply cannot connect because nobody is interested in your requirements and your problems.

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